Ever since Tootsie Pop was created in 1931, there has been widespread myth that wrappers which depicted a star shooting from the bow and arrow of a Native American man could get you a free Tootsie Pop.

But without modern conveniences such as the internet, most kids didn’t go all Nancy Drew on the local five-and-dime to interrogate shop owners.

So, on and on the rumor went, a slightly unattainable promise of free candy tinged with hope for legions of lollipop-loving youngsters.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but a Tootsie Roll Industries spokesperson confirmed to TODAY Food that the company has provided a clear message on its website for nearly a decade disproving the legend of the star. However, a recent BuzzFeed article has since brought this rumor back into the collective candy conscious of many avid readers.

“Unfortunately, we do not know how this rumor started and Tootsie Roll Industries has never actually honored this promotion, ” the message reads. “In fact, the shooting star appears on 1 in every 4 to 6 Tootsie Pop wrappers, just as frequent as the other images appear.”